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Highlights From ‘Debbie Bliss In Halifax’

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

This week we touch down in Halifax, the Gateway to the Atlantic, for a splash of East Coast ambiance and knitting fervor as Debbie Bliss arrived here for the last stop on her Canadian visit.  It was a whirlwind tour to commemorate the tenth anniversary of her designer line of exquisite yarns and patterns.  With gorgeous weather in the forecast and a crowd of very enthusiastic knitters, the stage was all set for a fabulous event.

Debbie Bliss Arrives in Halifax

Debbie and her daughter Nell (first visit to Canada) landed at the Halifax airport on Sunday September 11th and are warmly welcomed by Patricia from Baadeck Yarns.

Patricia Fields, Nell, Debbie, and Louise King

It was a table set for four at the Inn On The Lake, a charming boutique hotel right on the edge of Halifax, where the event took place.  Louise from LK Yarns joined the ladies for a gourmet dinner followed by dessert.  A real treat for Nell, who sampled one of the Inn’s specialities and loved it, a deep fried ice cream sundae.  

Inn On The Lake

Yes, Debbie Does Knit!!

Relaxing in the Maritimes, when there was a quiet moment, Debbie pulled out her knitting needles, and just as she has mentioned from time to time, moss stitch is her all-time fave. 

Registration Table

Mid-afternoon on Monday, after an enjoyable lunch and a leisurely stroll through the gardens, it was time to file in and register for the event.  Everyone was delighted to receive a gift bag filled with surprises and a bright pink ‘I Knit With Bliss’ button.      

Showing Debbie- "I Already Knit This One"

A blissful admirer proudly shows Debbie her knitted version of the Angel Capelet from the front cover of the Spring/Summer magazine.   

Checking Out The Mags

So many beautiful pattern books to choose from made it a tough decision to pick just one for the book signing. 

The Big Moment- Meeting Debbie!

Debbie meets the East Coast knitters one by one and finds out what projects they have been working on.

..And The Fun Begins

Once the audience was settled in, Debbie and Nell set up for the feature presentation.

Debbie Makes A Point!

Expressing her views on designing knitwear and styling the collections, Debbie captivated her audience.   

Riva Lace Edged Dress

Then it was on to the much anticipated fashion show and everyone played an important part in modelling the garments.  Fresh from the Bliss design studio in Britain to the runways of Halifax!  This Riva design was an instant hit.  

Riva Country Jacket

All smiles for Riva in a cosy weekend jacket…. 

Paloma Wrap

A fascinating design in Paloma, Debbie demonstrates just how to transform it from a cardigan to a shawl with just a flip over the shoulder. 

Party Angel Shrug

Making its grand debut in Halifax, Party Angel drew oohs and aahs from the crowd especially with the vibrant fuchsia colour shrug.  

Riva Capelet

This radiant smile says it all……….. we adore Debbie Bliss!  Thanks so much for taking the time to visit us in Halifax!

Highlights From ‘Debbie Bliss At The Wharf’

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

The weather could not have been more idyllic for knitters who travelled to scenic cottage country from as far south as Texas, and as far north as Timmins, to meet renowned knitwear designer, Debbie Bliss.  On the shores of Lake Muskoka, this special two-day event took place to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Debbie’s signature line of luxury yarns.   

Debbie Bliss arrives in Muskoka

Debbie arrived on Friday afternoon, and the first order of business was to relax in a Muskoka chair and soak in the gorgeous view from the hotel balcony.  A balmy summer’s day with blue skies greeted her, while just across the bay the RMS Segwun was docked and preparing for the blissful sunset dinner cruise that evening. 

Debbie and Nell ready to board RMS Segwun

Its time to board the steamship and surprise the knitters as they arrive.  Debbie was in good company with her daughter Nell joining in for the fun festivities.  This was Nell’s first visit to Canada, and what did she love most?? “The shopping!”  She also caught sight of her first loon, and asked, “whats up with these chairs, everywhere?”  Yes, Muskoka chairs were seen in every colour of the rainbow all along the lake.

Ready to embark on a Sunset Dinner Cruise

Debbie kicks up her heels and does her happy dance while Nell waits to meet the knitters as they come onboard.

Terry the Stilt Walker

Bon Voyage!  In a fiery blaze of colour, Terry the Stilt Walker waved the boat off on a three hour cruise of Lake Muskoka.

A meet 'n' greet with Debbie on the top deck

Cocktails on the upper deck!  Debbie gets a chance to meet her adoring fans and check out their knitwear before choosing a winner for The Wear Your Bliss Event.   

Book signing on the freight deck

The book signing gets underway on the freight deck.  In the background is the original red postal box from the days when the royal mail ship carried and delivered mail between the lakes.  Postcards can still be stamped and mailed today from the ship.     

Checking out the gift bags

Okay ladies…….. its time to open up those gift bags and see what goodies are inside.  Everyone had one of Debbie’s newest books for signing. 

The 'Ginger Girls'

Debbie dubbed these sisters, ‘The Ginger Girls’ and shared a funny moment with each of them during her book signing.

The magical moon

A postcard perfect view as twilight descended on the lake.  Who ordered this amazing summer weather??  The moon cast a magical spell and as darkness fell, became the ship’s guiding light, leading the captain back to the wharf.

Dining aboard the RMS Segwun

Right on cue!  Just as the first course ended, an incredible tangerine glow washed across the horizon for everyone to enjoy from the dining lounge. 

Doorprize Winner

After a delicious dinner and decadent chocolate cake for dessert, the doorprize was awarded to one very exuberant winner.  Congratulations again to Donna!

Setting up the Bliss Marketplace

Its an early morning set-up the next day inside Grace & SpeedThe Bliss Marketplace showcased all of Debbie’s latest yarns and books and drew quite a crowd of eager knitters by early afternoon.  Paloma, Riva, and Andes were three of the biggest hits, and all eyes were upon the just released Fall/Winter magazine.  Debbie brought along two of her brand new designs in Party Angel for a sneak peek, patterns are just being published and will show up soon in stores. 

Interactive Fashion Show

After lunch, Debbie wowed the audience with an inspiring presentation, focusing on her history and philosophy of design.  Her career began with knitted plants (Elton John was one of her first customers), and using odd materials like cling wrap for children’s garments.  She then led the audience over to the fashion stage for an interactive show with personal fittings. 

Debbie and Nell on the fashion stage

Debbie and Nell say goodbye to everyone, their time in Muskoka may have been short but it was a wonderful experience for all, interacting with fellow knitters and sharing in memories that will last a lifetime.

Next week its on to Halifax for highlights from the final stop on Debbie’s Canadian tour.

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Knitter’s Pride Comes To Canada

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Just as every good carpenter searches for the creme de la creme in quality tools for his trade, those of us who love to knit are on a perpetual quest for the finest in circular, double pointed, and straight needles, along with all the fancy gizmos that make our favorite pastime so much more enjoyable.  Knitting needles which were once widely available in irritating metal or tacky to the touch plastic have now become a matter of maximum performance and very personal preference.

Lace knitters opt for nickel-plated brass or steel circulars for slick speed and sharp points that pierce effortlessly through the most delicate stitches.  Sock knitters and natural fibre aficionados lean towards wood or bamboo double points and straights for the warmth factor and natural grip that creates a very even tension at a relaxed speed.  Knitters who suffer through arthritic pain often find relief and comfort in the warmth of wood, allowing their fingers to click away for longer stretches of time.  Eco friendly knitters also favor wooden needles for the environmental aspects, ‘what comes from the earth, goes back to the earth.’

NOW in Canada for the first time!  Diamond Yarn introduces Knitter’s Pride, superior craftsmanship in a complete line of knitting needles and accessories.  This is a brand that stands apart from all others with exceptional workmanship and excellence in design… not to mention the most irresistible rainbow-coloured sizing system that will make knitters want to proudly show off their entire needle collection.  Well-tested in over forty-five countries, Knitter’s Pride has been recognized as the fastest growing knitting accessory brand in all of Europe.

Take a tour of this exquisite debut line from Diamond Yarn, and be sure to add your name to the arrival list at your LYS-

Cubics Double Points

Symfonie Cubics are easy to grip with their ergonomic shape in highly polished wood.  Comfortable to hold, these uniquely shaped needles allow beginners to produce a constant tension, and sock knitters rave about the double points.  Available in 10 inch and 14 inch straights, 24 inch, 32 inch, and 40 inch circulars, as well as 6 inch and 8 inch double points, and the popular interchangeable sets.  Sizes range from 2.00 mm to 8.00 mm.

Symfonie Dreamz

Symfonie Dreamz are a dazzling rainbow-coded needle system ideal for easy identification and the ultimate in organization.  Truly eye candy for knitters!!  Made from lightweight wood, very flexible and soft to the touch.  Available in 10 inch and 14 inch straights, 16 inch, 24 inch, 32 inch, 40 inch, and (incredibly) 47 inch circulars, as well as 5 inch, 6 inch, and 8 inch double points.  Individuals, interchangeable or full set options range in size from 2.00 mm up to 12.00 mm.

Basix Birch

Basix is comprised of birch, a dense wood that is both durable and easy on the hands.  Bulky knitters will scoop these up in a hurry.  Birch needles will stand the test of time without splintering or warping.  Available in 10 inch, and 14 inch straights, 24 inch, 32 inch, 40 inch, and 47 inch circulars, as well as 8 inch double points.  Sizes range from 8.00 mm to 25.00 mm.


Nova needles are nickel plated over hollow brass piping, precisely engineered for master knitters to appreciate.  Available in 10 inch and 14 inch straights, 16 inch, 24 inch, 32 inch, 40 inch, and 47 inch circulars, as well as 5 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch double points.  Sizes range from 2.00 mm to 12.00 mm in individual or interchangeable sets.

Symfonie Rose Special Set

Special Edition sets are the gift to top all Christmas lists this year!  A luxurious wooden case is a knitter’s dream complete with Symfonie Rose interchangeable needles.  Includes 8 needles, sized 3.50 mm to 8.00 mm and 4 cords sized from 24 inch to 40 inch, as well as the full interchangeable tool kit.

Symfonie Rose Crochet Set

Symfonie Rose Crochet Set comes complete with eight individually sized hooks, 3.50 mm to 8.00 mm and the icing on the cake- a Swarovski crystal embedded in the end of each one!!

Many more tools and accessories are available in the full line from Knitter’s Pride, be sure to ask your LYS  to view the entire collection.

Knit Trade Show on September 18th

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

Here is a heads up for all yarn retailers, knitwear designers, and teachers.  Canada’s own knitting trade show is on again for the second year in a row, and its being held just one hour north of Toronto in Stroud, Ontario, on Sunday September 18th.  Diamond Yarn will be participating this year and showing their support. 

This is an event open strictly to the trade only.  The day starts off with a presentation by Julia Grunau from Patternfish, focusing on the global shift in marketing knitting patterns, and how to introduce digital downloading to your business.  Well-known author, Sheryl Thies, will make a special appearance to sign copies of her current book- Get Hooked On Tunisian Crochet

Treat your staff to a day away, and preview the newest in knitting products, sample some of the finest yarns, browse through pattern books and check out Diamond Yarn’s designs on display.  Its a cash & carry event, a one-day extravaganza with lots of great deals, just remember to empty your vehicle before you come, for the trunkload of incredible savings.

Sunday September 18th

11- 5 pm

Stroud Curling Rink

7883 Yonge Street Unit A

Stroud, Ontario