Knitting On The Hood

Sometimes an afterthought, or part of the original design, a hood is the finishing touch to a knitted sweater, jacket, poncho, or with precisely the right bit of maneuvering, to scarves and accessories.  Easily identified as a type of multi-purpose headgear, hoods have been around since medieval times, evolving from what the French termed; ‘chaperon’, a short cape combined with a hood.

Just look at some of the innovative ways in which hoods are currently being applied in these fabulous knitted designs-

Viking Design Accessory Book

Transform a cowl into a hood with one quick seam.  These cosy knitted loops remain at the top spot on the trendy list for Fall.  Viking Garn has included this design with plenty of other great accessory ideas in Book 1109 featuring Eco Alpaca, available now in seven natural undyed shades.  

Sirdar #9356

Skip the big bulky overcoat and slip into a hoodie for casual outings.  If this is your first time knitting a hood, Sirdar leaflet #9356 leads you through step-by step.  Opt for long sleeves or three-quarter sleeves in Big Softie, with twenty-six playful colours including- wink pink (shown above).   

Noro City Girl Hooded Cape

Jenny Watson has come out with yet another exciting showcase collection for Noro, exploring unusual directional slants, and bringing forth original and stylish elements to her designs.  This hooded capelet is knit in Kureyon, the gold standard of the Noro line with a further eight dark and delicious colourways.    

Sirdar #9351

Sirdar’s slipover hoodie promises to knit up before the leaves start to fall!  Marled shading, and an easy care blend of acrylic, cotton, and wool make Denim Ultra especially appealing to first-time knitters.   

Noro City Girl by Jenny Watson

From a snazzy cabled scarf to a head-hugging hood with turnback pockets, Jenny Watson has all the angles covered in Noro’s Kochoran, a seasonal favorite combining the best in natural fibres- wool, angora and silk.  Have a peek at six luscious new colourways ready to inspire.

Viking Garn #1103

Classic and contemporary design merge together in this arresting pullover from Viking Garn.  The great outdoors are calling!  

Noro Volume 30

A button front hooded capelet from Noro Volume 30, will be out before the temperature slides down into the single digits.  Knit in Kogarashi, a speckled blend of silk and wool in earthy muted tones.  Check out the six new colourways on board for the coming season.   

Sirdar #1993

Irresistibly cute and cosy too!  A one-piece hoodie for babies and toddlers.  If you haven’t tried knitting with Snuggly Snowdrops from Sirdar yet, you are in for a treat.  Bubbles and choccy drops (shown above).   

Sirdar Book #381

Sweet and sophisticated in pinkie, one of the sixteen candy-coloured hues in Sirdar’s Snuggly Baby Crofter DK.  Pattern available in Book #381

Sirdar #1247

A favorite fairytale springs to life with this soft and fleecy hooded coat knit in Sirdar Snuggly Snowflake Chunky.   Picture your little tyke in rosy red (shown above), or one of the other two dozen charming shades.

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