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Almost a year later, and we are still genuinely enthused and captivated by ruffle yarns as they continue to top the charts as one of the hottest novelty yarns on the market.  Flouncy scarves may dominate as the cooler weather approaches, but a great innovation has to build on its original concept, constantly evolving to gain momentum.  Katia has all the bases covered with the utmost in versatility for the Autumn/Winter Collection

Join The Ruffle Revolution and take a look at what creative minds and modern technology can come up with, casting a new light on an increasingly popular trend-

Ondas Collar in Katia Book no. 68

From scarves to cowls, and collars, Ondas by Katia started it all, pioneering the way in The Ruffle Revolution.  Have a peek at ten new colours added to the range, including this divine Autumn-inspired pick.  Pattern available in Katia Book #68.

Rizos in Katia Book no. 67

Rizos by Katia, presents adaptability in design options with this mossy green scarf contrasted against the touchy-feely texture in this huggable patchwork pillow.  Searching for a fun way to decorate a dorm room?  Patterns are available in Katia Book #67

Ronda by Katia

Keep your eyes out for Ronda by Katia, appearing in stores very soon, and the odds-on favorite to carry on as the new leader in The Ruffle Revolution.  Look  for eight smoky hues, each one delicately laced with a scalloped edging.  Choose from one of four free accessory patterns including this cosy collar in deep plum

Hechizo and Rizos in Katia Elegance

Hechizo and Rizos are a daring duo in a chic evening combo, highlighting a glittery shell with feathery cap sleeves and a crocheted handbag to match.  Patterns are available in Katia Book #68.  

Ondas Cape in Katia Book no. 68

This majestic capelet cascades over the shoulders in layers of Ondas, a regal beauty in one of the nouveau shades presented this season.  If your next occasion calls for a touch of glamour, then this one is a must-have.  Pattern available in Katia Book #68.

Illusion, Pallettes, and Ondas from Katia

K-wow!  A trio of fabulous yarns from KatiaIllusion, Paillettes, and Ondas collaborate splendidly together in an elegant one-sleeve design available in the all-new Katia Book #68.

Souffle and Ondas from Katia

Clever artistry in a stunning crimson scarf, Souffle takes a backseat to the fascinating allure of Ondas with strategically placed rosettes and ruffled edges.  Pattern available in Katia Book #68.

Triana from Katia

For little fashionistas, Triana holds just as much appeal.  One ball will knit up a scarf the traditional way, using the yarn as a full strand.  Edges are dainty and flounced by knitting along the edge of the yarn.  Design available in Katia Book #59.  Look for three new snazzy colourways in stores very shortly.

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