Ruffle Mania

Every once in awhile an amazing phenomenon occurs in the knitting universe, as an exciting new yarn appears on the horizon and creates a  frenzy amongst knitters.  That’s exactly what happened this past season, knitters were struck with ‘rufflitis’, a sudden and very catchy fever beginning with the first flurry of winter and quickly picking up momentum.  Not only across North America, suddenly worldwide- Ondas, Triana, and Rizos were at the centre of a whirlwind sensation.  A case of demand exceeding supply set in as knitters searched for ruffle yarns at their LYS, and waiting lists grew into the double digits, while Internet searches caused a ripple effect. 

Suppliers were finally able to catch up on back orders by early January, and the most asked question of the day for shop owners could finally be answered with a big YES.  “Its just one of the most fascinating yarns to work with,” said a long-time knitter, “my friends are completely amazed at how the yarn makes into a scarf…… I get stopped in grocery stores by strangers asking me to knit them one.”

As one LYS owner stated, “I can tell by the number of nose prints on my shop window each morning, just what kind of day it will be for ruffle yarns.”  She quickly took the initiative and filled her window with a heap of  the colourful balls just to let customers know- NOW its in stock!

As the trend continues into Spring, a new variety of self-ruffling yarns are getting ready to make an appearance at your LYS-

Salsa! by Sirdar

From Sirdar, and one step beyond, comes Salsa!   It’s an ingenious yarn with two different looks in one ball, as it reverses the colour combination from front to back.  Amazing!  Pick from a selection of eleven colourways and download this free leaflet  (shown above) to see the opposite effect for yourself.   

Marina from Rozetti

Marina steps out of the wings and steers us towards Spring with a light and lacy look and a free scarf pattern.  Twelve solid and multi shades are now in stock for your choosing.

Katia Book no. 65

Following the success of Ondas, Triana, and Rizos, Katia introduces the newest member of the family- Sole, a frothy cotton mixture that adds an entirely fresh approach to rippling waves and summertime knitting.

Brisa and Sole by Katia

Brisa makes a comeback after a long absence, a seasonal favorite from Katia in a lightweight mixture of mercerised cotton and viscose.  Shown above in a silvery shade that creates a harmonious duet with Sole.  Its the ultimate combination of elegance and softly layered frills. 

Isis and Sole by Katia

Isis and Sole go together like a slice of pie with whipped cream, two new and unique yarns that make their debut in the Katia line up for Spring.  Cotton and viscose are blended together to create the nubby texture of Isis, which is dyed in a range of fifteen shades.  Look for this design and other stylish options in Katia Book no. 66  

Summer Scarf in Sole

Flounce up an outfit with Sole, this summer’s dreamy version of the ‘it’ scarf, coming soon in nine shimmery shades- bright white, linen, greige, payne’s grey, jet black, cream, ecru, taupe, and pink rose.   This scarf pattern is available as a free download.

2 Responses to “Ruffle Mania”

  1. Carol says:

    I too caught the ruffle fever, and have knit up Ondas and Triana scarves for friends. My favorite colour is the purple mix. Its a great gift idea. It only takes me about two hours to make one and the smile on their faces makes it feel really good. The new style of ruffle yarn for spring is also very pretty.

  2. R L says:

    when its a good thing the ideas just keep flowing and i can see that happening with this new type of yarn, for trims on sweaters and jackets, and wow! purses too.

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