Sensational Stripes

Stripe; a long narrow band distinguished, as by colour or texture, from the surrounding material or surface.  Existing in nature long before their introduction into the world of fashion, stripes naturally define, they create a flow of movement and tension, literally drawing the eye in a multitude of directions.  Stripes are universal, adorning everything from architecture to neckties.

Zebra Stripes

Stripes can act as a camouflage against predators, they can also attract attention, standing out when necessary.   

Exotic Striped Fungi

Dating back to the French Revolution, stripes were worn by criminals, bohemians, and outcasts, representing the negative side of society.  Since then, stripes have become one of the most classic elements of fashion.

Floral Stripes

Both vertically and horizontally, stripes can create a powerful hypnotic effect, giving the illusion of extra length or width. 

Mirasol Book #22

Simple garter stitch stripes craft a colourful scarf, with no ends to sew in.  Instead, they become instant fringes!  Cast on a handful of stitches and bid adieu to our lon-n-n-g winter with Sawya, a rainbow inspired palette, and shiny new addition to the Mirasol fair trade collection.

Mirasol Sawya

Jane Ellison incorporates a zigzag theme and seamless stripes into her Spring designs for Mirasol.  By adding in small knitted bands in Pure Black, the contrasting colours are cleverly defined.  Knit in Sawya by Mirasol, a sultry blend of pima cotton, alpaca and silk, available at your LYS just in time for the first robin sighting.

Noro Flowers 2

Self-striping Noro Sekku is infused with vibrant colour that speaks volumes.  In eight exuberant colourways, this mixture of cotton, wool, and silk stretches out into more than four hundred metres per ball.  That’s a quarter of a mile!  Its a laceweight yarn that has enthused a whole new following of Noro devotees.

Katia Book #66

Katia shows how self-striping yarns can create maximum visual impact with minimal effort in a chevron pattern tunic.  A dazzling design and all part of the Elegance Collection for Spring 2011.

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