National Sweater Day on February 17th

Gear up for National Sweater Day on February 17th, and chase away that wintry chill by wearing your favorite wooly pullover.  Whats your style statement- is it preppy argyle, modern abstract, or a tip of the hat to tradition with cables and fair isle?   On February 17th, take part in a nationwide challenge, to pull on your cosiest sweater and show your support for climate change by turning the thermostat down three degrees.  If each and every Canadian conserved energy by just a few degrees, we could save 2.2 megatonnes of carbon dioxide in a year.  That’s equal to removing three hundred and fifty thousand cars off the road.  

Take the National Sweater Day pledge, and show your support for a healthier environment.  There are lots of great activities and ideas to get friends, family and co-workers involved at  Every little change makes a bigger impact on the overall health of our planet.

Sweater it up on February 17th with one of these warm and fuzzy styles- 

Flowers by Jenny Watson

Wrap yourself in warmth, in all directions with Noro Aya, and bolster your winter weary spirits in one of six new and refreshing colourways.  A striking  style by Jenny Watson, along with eleven more lovely ones in Flowers Two, all part of the Noro Collection.

Sirdar #9390

Casual comfort for your guy, in a here, there, and everywhere pullover.  With a classic button-up neckline, and sporty rib detail, Sirdar #9390 captures today’s relaxed style.  Knit in comfy Click Chunky, a machine washable mix of wool and acrylic highlighting four extra shades for the coming season- canvas, blueberry, loganberry (as shown), and deep blue.

Knit in Nuna and Hap'i by Mirasol

Melt away the ice and snow in this vibrant pullover knit in Nuna and Hap’i by Mirasol.  Cheers to hearts and all things red this month!

3 Responses to “National Sweater Day on February 17th”

  1. miranda g. says:

    thnx, awesome! I just read about some of the contests to do at work this thursday, lots of fun.

  2. Jenn says:

    keeping the temperature set at least three degrees less is a good idea not just this week but everyday
    after years of living in an old drafty house i truly appreciate the warmth of a good wool sweater and the energy saving features built into it.

  3. Sweetmarie says:

    finally others are catching on to a simple idea, keeping the temperature cooler and throwing on a sweater to stay warm.

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