A New Year, A New Angle

Welcome in a new year, twelve months brimming with shiny possibility, and rekindled anticipation.  For knitters- its the ideal time to pick out a new project, and explore a fresh learning curve, or try a few different stitch techniques and become inspired by the latest design collections.  Knitting needles are changing course this year, taking stitches in all directions, sloping west with a sudden incline to the north, or slanting south followed by a gradual tilt to the east.  Its all about angles, its a trend to follow, see where it takes you.

Sublime offers up an innovative approach to modern angles in Book # 647, a collection of dress up styles for Spring 2011, paying homage to the darlings of tinsel town.  Which one peaks your interest? 

Ginger Lily from Sublime #647

Sleek and sophisticated, in Bamboo and Pearls DK from Sublime, a mixture of bamboo sourced viscose and (yes, really) processed pearl fibre.  Ginger Lily from Book #647 has a softly sculpted border that curves gracefully along the front edge.

Gina from Sublime #647

Gina revisits the glamour days of the 50’s in a clever cocoon-like design.  Knit in an openwork rib with some ingenious construction, Sublime’s Bamboo and Pearls Dk introduces a brand new shade of Thai Tea, subtle yet chic.   

Gigi from Sublime #647

Gigi reveals another point of view when it comes to modern design and adept craftmanship.  Knit in moody Pagoda Blue, one of Spring’s newest hues in smooth and silky Bamboo and Pearls Dk  from Sublime.  

Little Judi Shrug from Sublime #647

Short and sweet in a flat rib that hits all the right angles, with your choice in sleeve length- long or gently capped, the Little Judi Shrug is knit in ginger lily, a perennial favorite.  

Peggy from Sublime #647

Peggy shows how a simple pullover with a textured yoke has sultry appeal when its finished off with a gentle pull in the right direction.

5 Responses to “A New Year, A New Angle”

  1. Monica says:

    Gorgeous patterns and colour choices.
    Luving that Peggy and Ginger Lily

  2. Thatgirl says:

    exquisite styles and colours that rock, especially that ginger lily shade

  3. Rhonda says:

    Sublime always shows classy styles and these are some of the best

  4. Shelly G says:

    the one that peaks my interest is – GIGI

    very interesting design like nothing I have seen before.

  5. Carolyn M says:

    the little judi shrug is catching my eye and it looks perfect for springtime dresses.

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