Knitting On The Edge

Every year around this time, after the pumpkin lights have burnt out and the candies are sorted, the newest and most ingenious novelty yarns start to appear on store shelves, each one trying to capture our attention in a huge way and become the next ‘it’ yarn out on the market. 

This year, Katia takes the wrap off an exciting trio of fancy scarf yarns- Rizos, Triana, and Ondas.  Each one unique and revolutionary in its manufacturing process and finished look.  These are futuristic ribbon yarns with stitches already built in along the edge, requiring little more than taking your knitting needle, lifting up a loop and slipping it through each stitch.  Amazing but true!  There is no yarn to wrap around the needle and draw through, it really is space age technology in a skein of yarn.  These three scarf yarns are poised and ready to take knitting to a new level, get ready for knitting on the edge!

Here is a look at what will be flying off the shelves very shortly at your LYS.  Which one will grab your attention and be the next ‘it’ yarn?

Rizos by Katia

Rizos is a flat one inch wide tape consisting of four complimentary shades all neatly striped and woven side by side, with built in loops at the top edge.  This is where the knitting needle is inserted to catch the edge and draw through the stitches.  By knitting every second loop on 5.00 mm needles, a ruffled scarf is created from just one skein.  This one sits high on the list of cosy neck warmers with ten shades to choose from, including burnt orange (above).  Free pattern to download:  Rizos Scarf

Ondas by Katia

Ondas is already causing quite a flurry on Ravelry, as knitters prepare to swoop in and catch the wave of the hottest scarf yarns before the store shelves are empty.  With its silky sheen and meshlike appearance which unfurls as you knit along, Ondas spirals into soft ripples.  Knit on 4.50 mm needles in a full spectrum of colour.  Choose from eighteen shades including magenta/lilac (above).  Free pattern to download:  Ondas Scarf

Triana by Katia

Triana first appears as a half inch wide ribbon in the ball, then amazingly stretches out to six times its width to reveal an intricate honeycomb grid.  Layer upon layer of cascading ruffles materialize as the scarf grows on 8.00 mm needles.  Take your pick from eleven colourways including seagreen/blue (above) or fire red (below).  Free pattern to download:  Triana Scarf

Just for fun, here is a ball of  Triana in fire red  ‘on the needles’ and ready to knit as a test scarf. 

Triana Scarf

The cast on row is eight stitches which are really just loops at the top of the honeycomb grid.  Its very easy to slip them onto the needle and then turn the work and prepare for the next row.  Next step- gently pull the ribbon to its full width, insert right hand needle into the first stitch on left needle, lift the next loop along the top edge of ribbon onto right needle, draw through stitch, its really that simple.  Look how quickly the layers are starting to appear, just ten rows and the scarf already measures eight inches in length.  Gradually the colour changes from plum, into wine, and then crimson.  

Triana Scarf almost finished

Two hours later, and the scarf  is just a few rows away from completion!  The finished effect is lovely, very lightweight, the layers fall into place nicely, and no tension issues to worry about, every knitter will get the same length as the stitches are already customized.  The extra bonus- no ends to sew in!

Final Verdict:  Grab this one quickly, its a sure winner for the scarf of the season!

17 Responses to “Knitting On The Edge”

  1. Jodie K says:

    I am liking the new scarf yarns already, can’t wait to get my hands onto Ondas, it will work with a new winter coat I just purchased.

  2. P Gillespie says:

    these 3 scarves are much nicer looking than the old eyelash ones from years ago….looking forward to trying the Triana yarn.

  3. rachel n says:

    I will be out looking for Ondas now. the new IT yarn.

  4. Diane R. says:

    I just finished a Rizos scarf in black and just wanted to say it was very easy to knit with and looks like it came from a boutique.

    Next I am looking for Ondas in the colour above.

  5. Liz Mclellan says:

    they look amazing! I can’t imagine how one can knit without casting on stitches but I am anxious to give it a try with Triana.

  6. Marie H says:

    they all look very exciting to knit into scarves for the holidays, I am leaning towards Ondas as the IT yarn this year.

  7. Fiona says:

    Now I get it! It took me awhile to see how the stitches can be built in to the edge of the yarn and finally it made sense to me.
    Love the concept!

  8. Connie Tapajna says:

    The three yarns mentioned are gorgeous but I can’t understand how the scarves are knit without making stitches with the yarn.

  9. R H says:

    I read about the new yarns on RAVELRY and am ready to try one if I can find any at my lys
    Here’s crossing my fingers!

  10. Sarah H says:

    I like them all! The fire red one is my colour for winter and the purple lilac one too. If they knit up that quickly I will be making more than one.

  11. Morningmonica says:

    My friends have been knitting with a couple of the new yarns mentioned which makes me think I might be getting a scarf for the holidays.

    i like all three styles……maybe the Triana best of all.

  12. Jen K says:

    I knit one scarf and when I returned to get more of it, the store said they had already sold out….that ‘s a sign that the scarves are already a big hit around the province…I guess in the states it’s the same thing.
    It’s fun to be part of the next It thing.

  13. Phoebe G says:

    okay….. i managed to snag a couple of balls of ondas this week and now am feeling completely confused about how to knit with it. i have the directions but they look like another language to me.

  14. Jess says:

    Right now I am kniiting ONDAS, at first it feels a bit difficult, after a couple of rows, its gets quicker and quicker to unroll the edge and literally get on a roll with it.

    The yarn amazes all my friends.

  15. Kay F says:

    Santa is coming soon and I hope I get a few balls of these scarf yarns.

    All three look beautiful when they are knit up.

  16. sharon little says:

    do you have a video on how to do a katia rizos scarf

  17. michele61m says:

    if you go to katia’s website at
    you will find all the scarf tutorials online. Happy Knitting!

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