Fifa Fever *Giveaway*

Thanks to everyone who entered the Fifa Fever *Giveaway*.  Sandy H. is the winner of the gift pack of four pattern books courtesy of Diamond Yarn.  Congratulations!!

Sixty-two matches later, and the adrenalin is fully charged as South Africa gets ready for the finals to kick off this weekend.  The incessant buzzing of thousands of vuvuzelas might just be missed after Spain and the Netherlands play out their rivalry on Sunday for the Fifa World Cup title.  Sporting events like this one, seem to have an unexplainable magnetic pull, captivating us into picking up our knitting needles and clicking away until the final whistle blows.  

This week, let’s have a little Fifa fun and pick our yarn players, one from each of the four semi-finalist’s countries.  One lucky reader will win the Fifa Fever *Giveaway*, a special gift pack of four pattern books from Diamond Yarn

Tobago from Katia


Katia Book No. 61

TOBAGO playing for TEAM KATIA– this exciting cotton yarn hails from hot and spicy Spain, a country known for its bold style and youthful energy.  Tobago goes the extra distance and kicks out amazing self-striping colour vertically or horizontally.    

Silky Merino by Malabrigo

Book One By Melissa Leapman

SILKY MERINO playing for TEAM MALABRIGO– winds its way from the hillsides of Uruguay, showing the softer side of merino and the strength of silk in every skein.  This one is a seasonal favorite, ready to play or dress the part.

Samp'a by Mirasol


Book No. 5 By Jane Ellison

SAMP’A playing for TEAM MIRASOL– an import from the Netherlands, is a hands-down winner in naturally dyed organic cotton.  Samp’a takes the heat on the playing field and stays remarkably cool under pressure.

Balera from OnLine


Stricktrends Summer 2010

BALERA playing for TEAM ON LINE– hailing from Germany, this European fashion dominator knows how to radiate charisma and confidence on or off the field and adds a little extra zip in a cotton blend novelty yarn.     

To enter the Fifa Fever *Giveaway*- leave a comment with your name, email address and choice of favorite yarn from the above selection.  All entries must be received by Saturday, July 10th at noon.  A winner will be selected by random and announced on Monday July 13th. 

Best of luck!

17 Responses to “Fifa Fever *Giveaway*”

  1. Anna G. says:

    let me be the first to say, i love this giveaway idea!!
    Fifa Fever is really catchy!
    My favorite player is Tobago from Team Katia
    I hope…..I hope…

  2. Marilyn M. says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit the Netherlands.
    I love Mirasol yarn and their philosophy.
    Go Samp’a!

  3. Kat P. says:

    wow! Balera from TEAM ON LINE looks like a winner.

  4. Tina says:

    S’ampa of course, lovely yarn, great company, nice Country!

  5. Laura O. says:

    What a great idea! I love the TEAM MALABRIGO beautiful yarns – great colors and it is nice that Uruguay is in the 3/4th game!

  6. Fiona Johnston says:

    Silky Merino for Team Malabrigo for Uruguay looks like a real winner!

  7. Ellen (Lnand) says:

    I’m rooting for the Spanish team – Tampa seems like an interesting yarn!

  8. Ellen (Lnand) says:

    Argh. No Tampa yarn, but Tobago from Katia!

  9. Deanna W. says:

    They are all great players, how to choose…….
    I will root for Samp’a on TEAM MIRASOL
    Hup! Hup!
    for the Netherlands on Sunday!!

  10. Amy Buondonno says:

    Well, I’m torn! I’m very glad that we’re guaranteed a first-time victor this year, but I was kind of pulling for Uruguay just because South America was so dominant in the pools. Now I’m rooting for Holland to win the WC, but my yarn-heart is definitely taken by the Tobago. Go Team Katia!

  11. Marjon says:

    Whee!!!!!!!!!!! Holland for the win! Hup holland Hup! Team Mirasol’s Samp’a goes all the way!

  12. Bobbi says:

    I have enjoyed catching all the victories and losses the same, I was heartbroken when Brazil was knocked off and had welling tears in my eyes as the emotions from their team ran high. I am an athlete and my game is Baskeball, but can totally relate to all the hard work and commitment that these players have put into this sport. And now that Brazil is out i am rooting for Spain! and have to pick the ***Silky Merino*** Love to hold it and squish it =)

  13. Bianca says:

    My team would be Mirasol Samp’a.

    I probably will be the only one who is not watching soccer on Sunday. The last time I watched a game, our country lost (European Championship 2008, against Russia). I promised my father not to watch when Oranje plays, and thus far they have won everything… hopefully they win the cup!

  14. Gretta N. says:

    I always go with the underdog, and Samp’a is as soft as baby powder on the needles. For that reason-

    go netherlands go!

    I will be knitting through both matches, Saturday and Sunday.

    Hasn’t it been quite the tournament so far, lots of surprises.

    Gretta in Ontario feeling lucky!!!

  15. Team MalabriGo-Go-Go! I’m not going to be watching though, I only get 3 channels since the digital switchover, and the games aren’t on any of them.

  16. sandy h. says:

    Its a hard choice, all four players are my faves and good luck to all of them!
    But time is running out so my pick will be –
    TEAM KATIA- Tobago is superb!
    Happy FIFA to everyone!

  17. One Sheep says:

    I’m going with Team Malabrigo – based on the yarn, because I’m really not a sports fan. Hope that doesn’t rule me out. Thanks for the fun giveaway.

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