Ties That Bind

The necktie, a timeless symbol for Father’s Day, first gained popularity as a gift item in the 1920’s.  A special day to commemorate fathers was initially introduced in Spokane, Washington in the early 1900’s by Sonora Dodd in appreciation of her father- William Smart, a civil war veteran who single-handledy raised six children.  Father’s Day was officially recognised on June 19th, 1910 when members of the local YMCA attended church wearing roses as a tribute to their own fathers.  One hundred years later, and Father’s Day is celebrated in fifty-five countries, on different days of various months, but for us, it remains as always the third Sunday in June.
If Dad’s drawer is overflowing with handknit socks, change it up a bit and knit him a self-striping tie in a colourway to suit his unique style and just in time for Sunday. 

Fathers Day Knitted Necktie


Finished Size:  2 in/5 cm x 60 in/152 cm

Needles:  2.75 mm

Yarn:  100g  Wisdom Yarns Marathon Socks BOSTON col #214

Cast on 21 sts.  Work in Moss St across each row as follows- *K1, P1*, rep *to*, end, K1.  When work meas 17 in/43 cm-

Shape Tie: 

Dec Row- K1, K2tog, work to last 3 sts, K2tog, K1.  Continue in Moss St, dec on every 20th row in this way until 13 sts remain.  Continue in Moss St without further shaping until work slightly stretched measures 60 in/152 cm.  Cast off.  Turn side edges 3 sts inwards and slip stitch in position on wrong side.

Tie and enjoy!

design by:  Michele Meadows

4 Responses to “Ties That Bind”

  1. beverly h. says:

    excellent idea! i have knit many, many pairs of socks so its time to make a few ties for the men in my family.
    does the jacquard style sock yarn work just as well?

  2. michele says:

    Hi Beverly,

    Self-striping sock yarns will give a more even shade graduation in this tie pattern. Jacquards will work too, just try a sample first and see how you like it.

    Happy Knitting!

  3. S. C. says:

    Hello, I just browsed through the website, and must say its super easy to navigate, my compliments. This pattern is very timely too, I was looking for something to knit for my nephew for a new job he is starting in September. This may be the perfect gift.

  4. Denise M says:

    I found your site interesting and I will check in frequently for new inspiration. This pattern is a nice gift idea for a young friend of mine. I was getting all socked out and now have something new to do with my sock stash, thanks.

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