Happy Birthday Canada!

Lets revel in all things red and white this Canada Day as we celebrate one hundred and forty three years.  Over the past year, our country has been a gracious and proud host to some of the world’s biggest events- the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, the recent G8/G20 Summit in both Huntsville and Toronto, and currently the twenty-second official royal visit with the Queen and Prince Philip stopping in to say hello in five Canadian cities. 

Happy Canada Day!

This newest design, a trendy knitted cap for summer with a crocheted peak shows off our red and white pride in smooth, soft ECO cotton from Debbie Bliss.  One hundred percent organic, and grown without pesticides or harmful fertilizers, this yarn is harvested by hand by farmers who are part of the bioRe Association– a fairtrade program.  The cotton is dyed in twenty-four shades with non-toxic dyes and water used in the process is recycled and verified to be drinkable. 

Chelsie models Peaked Leaf Cap


Finished Size:  Women’s Medium

Yarn:   Debbie Bliss ECO – 2 balls in col #613 (MC)

                                                         1 ball in col #608 (CC)

Needles:  4.00 mm

Crochet Hook:  4.50 mm

Tension:  20 sts and 24 rows = 4 in/10 cm in st st on 4.00 mm needles

Cast on 90 sts in MC.  Work in K2/P2 ribbing for 3 rows, inc 1 st on last row = 91 sts.  Work 2 rows in st st.  Cont in st st working CHART in CC over centre 17 sts.  When CHART has been completed, cut CC and continue in MC only until work measures 4.5 in/11 cm ending with a WS row.

Shape Top: 

Next Row- K1, *K9, K2tog*, rep *to*, end, K2

Next and all alternate rows- P

Next Row- K1, *K8, K2tog*, rep *to*, end, K2

Cont to dec in this way having 1 st less between decreases on every K row until 11 sts remain.  Cut yarn and thread through rem sts.  Tighten and secure.  Sew side seam. 


With 4.50 mm crochet hook, and double strand of MC, attach yarn to 32nd st along cast on edge.  Ch2, 1 dc in each of next 25 sts, ch2, turn.

Next Row- Dc2tog, *Front Post dc (yo, with hook at front of work, insert hook behind next dc from right to left, yo, draw yarn through, yo, draw yarn through 2 loops, yo, draw yarn through last two loops), Back Post dc (yo, with hook at back of work, insert hook in front of next dc, yo, draw yarn through, yo, draw yarn through two loops, yo, draw yarn through last two loops)*, rep *to*, end with dc2tog, ch2, turn

Next Row- Dc2tog, *Front Post dc, Back Post dc*, rep *to*, end with, dc2tog, fasten off.  Sew in ends. 

Design by:  Michele Meadows

Note:  If you are looking for more patterns to knit with a Canadian theme check out the free patterns section.

6 Responses to “Happy Birthday Canada!”

  1. laura y. says:

    Cheers to Canadians!!!!
    Great hat pattern for the summer, will I get it knit up in time???

  2. sheila b. says:

    an american on vacation in canada this week. enjoy the blog and the cap is perfect for my daughter. thanks and happy canada day folks!

  3. Cornelia Paskert says:

    Interesting read, thanks!

  4. l. perry says:

    great to see all the red and white enthusiasm for Canada Day!

    it truly is a special year to celebrate our country.

    very stylish cap and the yarn looks like a dream to work with!


  5. Gloria J. says:

    I appreciate the leaf cap pattern!
    This is a great blog with lots of inspiration for knitters like me!

  6. Todd R. says:

    Pretty cool design. I could see this style catching on this summer.

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