The Emotional Side of Choosing Yarn

Every ball of yarn has individual charm, waiting to be discovered from inside a tightly wound centre.  Some yarns are quiet and reserved, spinning a web of mystery, while others are bold and vibrant, a kaleidoscope of colour, revealing a hidden painting one stitch at a time. 

As knitters, we are a ‘touchy feely’ bunch, choosing yarns generally by what handles nice and smoothly, as it slides across the needles.  We also make a selection based upon environmental factors, the changing seasons, and our emotions.  Knitters often question- is it the yarn or the pattern that I should choose first?  The pattern will always be the framework, the real spirit is in the yarn, it tugs at our emotional side, luring us straight into a state of heart- fluttering bliss.  A ball of brightly multicoloured yarn can lift our mood in an instance, renewing that get-up-and-go feeling by just knitting a few short rows, while a more conservative yarn, maybe a little less adventurous in colour, relaxes and comforts as gently as a cup of chamomile tea.

Poems Sock by Wisdom Yarns suits this festive time of year, bright and lively, it dances with colour.  With thirteen shades to choose from, Poems Sock is an artist’s paintbox waiting to be opened, offering a colourway to suit every mood.  One ball can make any of these eight wearable projects in the Poems Sock E-book which is available as a free download.  Take a tour of some of my favorite shades, Tropical Sunset, Cotton Candy, Spa Shades, Grape Arbour, Vista…….. and see if your mood is lifted today. 

col. 957

col. 959

col. 960

col. 961

col. 956



4 Responses to “The Emotional Side of Choosing Yarn”

  1. NADIA says:

    so true…my yarn choices are dictated by how i feel when i am in a store. Poems looks a lot like Noro?? is it any softer? Colour #960 is beautiful, it looks like a real rainbow.

  2. Christina says:

    I have knit one pair of socks from one ball of Poems, with some left over. is it enough to make the short ankle socks in the free pattern book?

  3. michele says:

    Poems Sock is a softly spun superwash wool with some nylon for strength. It is similar to Noro yarns with its long repeat colourways. With 420 metres per ball, you would have enough yarn to make a pair of women’s socks and a small child’s size. The ankle sock pattern would work as well, but play it safe and add a contrast colour for the heel or toe section on each sock.

    Happy Knitting!

  4. lillian says:

    yes, great looking colours. My favorite is # 961, i would like to knit a wavy scarf with this one, the colours remind me of a trip to Greece last year

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