Creative Closures

With current pattern books showing knitted wraps, vests and cardigans in every fashionable style, there is an endless supply of creative options to choose as closures.  Try something new, and break away from the traditional zippers and factory made plastic buttons of yesterday.

A large wooden or hand painted ceramic button makes a bold fashion statement and can easily be added as an afterthought on a jacket or vest.  To make a simple crocheted button loop, start with the matching yarn, and a medium size hook, slip stitch to the front edge, chain a few stitches according to the size of the button and finish with a slip stitch to the same edge a few rows higher.   Sew a button to the opposite side to correspond, or try more than one, mix up the shapes.  Many of the handcrafted wooden buttons are available in interesting shapes and compliment each other very well.  When washing a knitted garment with specialty buttons, remember to cover each one with tin foil so they are protected from the harsh effects of water and detergent.  

Ribbon is another creative way to dress up a cardigan, threaded through an empire waistline or attached at the neckline to tie loosely in a bow.  Satin ribbons work best with soft mohair and alpaca yarns.  Vintage ribbons in pure silk or softly faded velvet add an elegant finish to a classic cardigan or evening capelet.  Colourful printed ribbons add a playful touch to children’s knitwear.

Shawl pins have been very popular for the past few seasons.  These are extremely versatile, adding a stunning piece of jewelry to any handknit garment.  From the Diamond Yarn accessory collection, these pins are handcrafted from the shell of a coconut.  With unique colour variation in the grain, no two are alike.  The gentle curve of the coconut shell highlights the natural lustre and makes a perfect shoulder closure  for a winter shawl.   


Sweater sticks are another stylish option, with a multitude of uses, from neck scarves to wrap cardigans, or the occasional hair accessory, as one knitter pointed out.  These are made of a gorgeous ebony wood with a tiny shell inlay at the top, also available from Diamond Yarn100_0701

 Two different closures can change the look of this neck warmer, easy to knit in an earth friendly fibre-100_0787


Neck Warmer

Finished Size:  7″ x 29″

Needles:  6.00 mm

Yarn:  2 balls Rainshadow

Cast on 30 sts. 

Row 1- *P2, K2*, rep *to*, end, P2

Row 2- *K1, YO, K1, P2*, rep *to*, end, K1, YO, K1

Row 3- *P3, K2*, rep *to*, end, P3

Row 4- *SL1, K2, PSSO both sts, P2*, rep *to*, end, SL1, K2, PSSO both sts

Rep Rows 1-4 until work measures 29″ or desired length. 

Cast off on next following Row 1. 

Sew in ends. 

Finish with a shawl pin or sweater stick as a closure.

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  1. Caroline says:

    I have been looking for these types of closures. My LYS did not have any. Now I know where to find them, very natural designs, thanks.

  2. J. McMullen says:

    I really like the neck scarf with the stick pin. Lots of good ideas here, keep them coming!

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