Debbie Bliss Ceramic Cup

Ceramic Cup by Debbie Bliss

Ceramic Cup

From that first mug of morning coffee to that cup of tea before bed, some of us have knitting on the brain all the time! Bring your fiber habit to the kitchen with these attractive Stitch Mugs from Debbie Bliss. Each mug features a different colour and stitch pattern, with instructions for knitting the pattern written on the inside. Debbie Bliss headquarters is located in the UK, so these stitch patterns go by their British names.

Name SKU # per box
DBMUGS-01 Grey 24 1 $25.95
DBMUGS-02 Coral 25 1 $25.95
DBMUGS-03 Denim 26 1 $25.95
DBMUGS-04 Duck Egg 27 1 $25.95